WOCSHN was born at the 2009 AASECT Annual Conference, in Glendale, AZ. It was born from a collective of women, women of various ethnic & cultural identities – women of color – who wanted to hold space for themselves in a place that wasn’t welcoming or supportive of their presence.

The conversation started out causally, but the desire & intent was very focused. Sisters who saw each other across a room, a workshop, the pool … conversations that rippled across a gathering of women who were happy to acknowledge & connect with one another – in the midst of a mainstream professional organization conference that ignored their collective presence and didn’t support an opportunity to gather.

They dedicated time at the hotel pool, sitting, laughing, sharing in the sun. Throughout the day, people walked by, seemingly surprised by the growing circle, the sisterhood that was being formed & solidified.

IMG_1635Three women made a commitment to each other and themselves that weekend. They chose to honor this new circle by keeping in touch, to remain connected & find space to hold THEIR space.  And they did – WOCSHN began as a yahoo listserve (we have been around for that long!) to a small Facebook group. A place for women of color sexuality professionals to share their experiences; a place to gain support when they are shut out, pushed aside, silenced, erased and otherwise considered nonexistent.

This small space was welcomed and grew fast. More women were looking for a place to share, learn, grow, be challenged, and encouraged as they moved further into their careers. New bonds were formed, new friendships were realized and  power was shared and used to make more space, and to give more light and shine to us. For us. By us. Because of us.

Bianca, Mariotta, and Trina started this group for purely selfish reasons. We wanted to look across the rooms that we found ourselves in and see someone who looked like us; who could SEE us. We are humbled to see the growth and change and POWER of WOCSHN in all the ways it’s given space for so many to BE.



The Women of Color Sexual Health Network (WOCSHN) creates opportunities for inclusion and retention of people of color—with a focus on women and gender expansive people of color—in the fields of sexuality, sexual science, and sexology and challenges the white supremacy these fields were built upon.


WOCSHN is a collective membership organization with a focus on the sexual and reproductive needs of women and gender expansive people of color. We charge our colleagues and ourselves to respect our existence, our expertise, and our legacy in the field.


  • Create and nurture spaces where people of color are centered
  • Mentor emerging sexuality professionals and public intellectuals of color
  • Provide access to resources (publishing, presentations, public speaking)
  • Extend partnerships, collaborations, and networks to ensure greater equity and inclusion of people of color in the sexuality field
  • Provide technical assistance, evaluation, and critical commentary through expertise of the Foundresses and Leadership Collective

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