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We are thrilled you have found us! If you wish to be included on the WOCSHN site and become a member please read below.

There are annual membership dues that will go into effect in 2015 and will be based on income and ability to pay. No one will be turned away for lack of abilty to pay membership dues. Those who have the ability to pay more may offer to donate a yearly membership to other members. We seek to build a network of women of Color in the field of sexuality, sexology, and sexual health in the US and abroad. 

Future goals are to gain 501(c)3 status; obtain funds to support the travel and lodging needs of members to present at inter/national conferences when they are presenting their own original research and work; provide opportunities for women of Color to be hired and earn a livable wage; support and promote the work of members; raise funds to create a more accessible and full website. 

If you would like to donate to WOCSHN please contact us

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